Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh, this is good!

This is a spectacular paragraph. Just had to copy it down. Read the whole post in context here.

THE PLAIN FACT IS THAT THE HARD LEFT has always had a fascination with fascism. They don't want diversity -- they want conservatives to SHUT UP! Whether they were making excuses for Lenin or Stalin and their brutish successors, went sweet on Cuba's Castro, Nicaragua's Ortega or now Venezuela's Chavez, they are irresistibly attracted to those opposing freedom. Why do you think they want talk radio to be "balanced" (i.e.: turned off) with the Fairness Doctrine? Because in their heart of hearts they think they know better than anyone else. They want to do what they want to do in the public sphere without being questioned. Period. American liberalism is awash in this sentiment, which makes having rational discussions about national issues difficult if not impossible.

I've got to find something to balance out the rather one sided nature of my recent postings. I wish someone on the left would say or do something positive so I could try to get back to a little more "common ground".

Madmen and the madmen who love them

Can someone please explain the love affair between actors and Hugo Chaves?

I'm frankly surprised that I haven't seen images of Hollywood actors kissing up to this guy. Perhaps its because somewhere in their ego-addled brains they realize that if it weren't for the might of the U.S. military they hate so much their freedom to bite the hand that feeds them would come to a rather abrupt end and they'd probably be left, quite literally, hanging out to dry.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How the mighty have fallen

Hillary in '68

Isn't it sad how idealism and positive activism are eclipsed by pride and a lust for power.

I know this story was supposed to be a love-fest, and truly it was compelling in that regard, but ultimately it can't hide the ugly truth. Already the cravings for fame and power were becoming visible.