Monday, June 13, 2016

Well I'm actually still alive... who knew...

Deconstruction has (thankfully) finally ended. I waited all this time to be sure it really was over. Apparently it is.

Emerging from the rubble we find that god is dead. Good riddance I say. God was a right nasty old bugger who deserved to be deaded. That god was no different from the rest of us who bore the seeds of our own deadness in our very DNA. The "Walking Dead" you might say. We kill off the "other" and find that they come snarling back to take their revenge (ISIS kills the gays in Orlando and Christians everywhere find themselves a bit confused).

Or it's a Game of Thrones where the Donald, the Bern and the Hillary battle it out for a seat on that most uncomfortable of seats. All iron swords piercing your backside in some demented S&M game where the winner gets flayed and frozen in the winter of our discontent is coming so pray to the mother of dragons for some goddamn heat.

More to follow I presume. Meanwhile this Amber by birth has passed (ever so briefly) through Orange and thought Green was a right nice place to hang out til Teal came calling and I never looked back. If that confuses you then good... it confuses me too. Check out a bit of integral theory here.

Oh... and lest you worry about the fate of my immortal soul... I'm a bigger fan of Jesus then I've ever been before. It's just that his father turns out to be a lot different than what I'd been led to believe.

Again... more to follow.

Peace out!