Monday, April 20, 2009

Ignorant Bliss vs. Smug Satisfaction

Had I not clicked on that "news" link this morning I would still be blissfully ignorant of the latest internet phenomenon. The name Susan Boyle would still be completely unknown to me.

In my defense, as soon as I got far enough into the article to realize it was about some unwitting insta-celeb getting their 15 minutes via youtube, I stopped reading. I did not, and will not, go watch the video. I did not, and will not, ask my co-workers if they have seen it. The whole sad affair will leave my mind minutes after I click the "Publish Post" button, hopefully never again to be remembered.

As such, my smug satisfaction is still intact. I can still claim to be immune to the freeze dried pop culture (just add hot water and stir). But, had I just not clicked that link I would be blissfully ignorant of this "story". I would not even be posting this confessional right now. And that, my friends, would be so much better.