Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wise words

Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had.

- Michael Crichton

Dawkins Reviews - a blast

I discovered this blog awhile ago and have been really enjoying it. Lately there have been some reviews of a book by Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion) which are just spectacular. I highly recommend reading all of them which you can do right here.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Seems like nastiness has been an epidemic lately. Sometimes I am tempted to give in to despair. Rather than giving in to despair we need to be reminded that this is not all there is. There is something more, something better, something truly hopeful. Here's a little ode to that hope.


When despair has done its worst.
When despite has had its
way and the earth lies wounded
and bleeding in the
embittered fist of
its unholiest of foes

still beauty will endure.

A shimmer of light in the darkness.
The distant echo of wild
unfettered laughter
reminds us that the
Lord of the Forest rides
even now
and the Kingdom of Summer
will not always be


in the mists

of a dream.

Scary stuff

Is this guy for real? I have to admit that I find this kind of thing very appealing. I also have to admit that I find it very scary. I think balance is needed in this area as it is in all areas of life.

I think many conservatives are way off base when it comes to environmental issues. The idea that God made us stewards of the earth, and therefore we are free to rape it for our own profit, is strangely reminiscent of the attitudes of slave owners who felt their right to own slaves was given them by God.

On the other hand, the devaluing of human life by these radical environmentalists is equally misguided. There is a huge difference between human beings and the other forms of life on this planet. As the clearly superior race we have the capacity to value and protect our own race and also to value and protect the entirety of the earth. Conservatives and Christians should be leading the environmental charge while remembering the special position of human beings as children of God.