Friday, March 2, 2007

News Flash. Stop the presses.

And people are just figuring this out? You read the story and you'd think this was some major revelation. Give me a break. It shouldn't take a genius to figure out the connection between promiscuity and the spread of Aids. Those of us with traditional values have been saying this since day one but all we've received is a deaf ear or ridicule for our old-fashioned morals.

Take this statement: " These factors, researchers say, explain how North Africa, where Muslim societies require circumcision and strongly discourage sex outside monogamous and polygamous marriages, has largely avoided AIDS. They also explain why the epidemic is far more severe south of the Sahara, where webs of multiple sex partners are more common, researchers say."

What needs to be added? What more needs to be said? Thankfully they didn't use a Christian society as an example, if they had it would never be reported because, after all, attaching anything positive to Christianity is all but forbidden in the mainstream media.

All that being said I'm very happy to see stories like this, especially in a paper like the Washington Post. They deserve major kudos for having the guts to print such a story. It seems as if abstinence has become a dirty word, a politically incorrect word, I'm happy to see it reported positively for once.

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Rick Duck said...

Get outta town! You mean the new Western sexual mantra of "wear a condom and anything goes" doesn't really work in a society devoid of the concept of fidelity?

I'm absolutely NOT stunned.

As you say, can anyone who holds to traditional values of abstinence and fidelity really be surprised by this? Come on! Welcome to the world of common sense.

The tragedy is that so many people have died and continue to die, leaving behind AIDS babies and other orphans, because the wrong-headed message of the secular Western world has completely misunderstood the problem in Africa in regards to AIDS. "We don't know you, but we know best..." as the lyrics go.

When it comes to AIDS in the United States, I'll let the figures speak for themselves.

Males living with AIDS by the end of 2005 who were exposed by male-to male contact, injection drug use, or a combination of both: 283,762

Males living with AIDS by the end of 2005 who were exposed by heterosexual contact or all other exposures combined: 41,403

That's right, a factor of approximately 6.85.

Draw your own conclusions about behavior, risk and consequences.

God help and give comfort to the poor souls infected with this plague. Please, take whatever action necessary to keep more people from dying. I would love to see a cure and think we should pursue it as well as cures to other deadly diseases. But in the meantime, let's heed the words of one of the founding fathers, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This is a preventable disease.