Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is how the world will end

Yeah, I borrowed that title from The Elms. Check out what they're doing for Haiti. Help them out if you can.

But before you do that I'd like to ask you to watch this video. There are a lot of people running around making claims about how and when the world will end. What's especially sad is the tendency of Christians to get involved in all of this speculation. Just in my lifetime, the stated time of the end has come and gone more times than I can remember. The "Left Behind" series is mere child's play compared to the meticulous eschatology I was taught to cull from the apocalyptic writings of Daniel and The Revelation. But to what end? It only brought fear.

So, what with all the earthquakes, pestilence and war. What with the rumblings of the beast and the whoring of Babylon. What with all the wild eyed prophets crying out "the time is near". Let's go back to the feet of our master. Let's listen to the words of Jesus. What was it that He actually said. I think this message is right on the money. Take a listen.

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