Thursday, April 5, 2007

Behold the shining future

Just in case you ever doubted the slippery slope arguments check out this story. I have no beef with the hospital mind you, I have a beef with people who refuse to see where supposedly "progressive" ideals are leading us.

Just last night I had the pleasure and privilege of holding a friends newborn bundle of joy. The thought of a child like that being abandoned by their parents is incomprehensible and extremely sad.

Children are, quite literally, precious. They are our future. What has happened in supposedly advanced and civilized nations to reduce children to an inconvenience that can simply be dropped in a slot somewhere? I'll leave the answer unspoken. I think it should probably be obvious.

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Rick Duck said...

This is closely related to another story concerning the baby drop-slots and programs being promoted in Germany. But in this case, the triggering events were not baby abandonment cases (if that wasn't bad enough), but baby murder. (That's outside the womb, people. No room for dissembling there.) I believe it was at least 23 reported cases in 2007. That's in Germany alone in 2007 that they know of.

I can think few things more abominable than for a parent to murder or abandon their own infant. Take it all in... it's indicative of the rise of the culture of death and cheapening of human life that too may dismiss as hyperbole and alarmism from social and Christian conservatives.

Look what mankind hath wrought. Where will the next generation come from?