Monday, April 2, 2007

Will we make it?

Read this and you might be tempted to think we are doomed. However, go on and read the comments and you'll see that however daft the educational institutions might be the people still have some common sense. Let's hear it for common sense.

If you have a kid in school don't think for a second that they are getting anything even remotely resembling a well balanced education. In fact they're probably being fed all manner of insane PC drivel at the expense of real social studies and history. It's up to us as parents to either pony up the cash to send our kids to "real" schools or see to it that we educate them at home. I suppose the school might do an OK job at the three R's (although even that is up for debate), but I'd suggest taking a cold hard look at what they're being taught in other subjects.

They're our kids. Offering them up to be sacrificed on the altars of political correctness, moral relativism and multiculturalism ranks right up there with child abandonment and child abuse in my opinion.

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