Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hostages released, what does it mean?

The British hostages held by Iran have been released. Thankfully no bloodshed was necessary. Now it is time for the inevitable analysis and political spin.

As might be expected there will be roughly two versions of the story. Which version you accept will likely be determined by your choice of news sources if you are a mere follower or your political leanings if you take a more active role in filtering information.

To assist you in your own analysis here are two initial versions of the story. One from a left leaning news source the other from a right leaning news source. As you might imagine the left leaning news source paints Iran in a more positive light and the right leaning news source paints Iran in a much less favorable light. As you might also imagine the U.S. is much more of a good guy in the right leaning story then it is in the left leaning story.

So without further ado or commentary here are the stories. I'll leave the reader to decide which one is more appealing (I wouldn't dream of asking you to decide which one is more true...).

Left Version

Right Version

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